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Getting Started with New Foods

How to start getting used to new foods. Offer new fruit and vegetable variety to your child's plate when they only like a few foods.

Pumpkin Spice Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Now that Thanksgiving and Halloween are over I feel like I need to sink into pumpkin spice all on it's own. Before Christmas peppermint...

How do I Get my Kid to Try New Foods?

You’ve started using the Division of Responsibility in feeding, but your kiddo is still only choosing the the food they like and not...

6 Easy Food Play Ideas for Picky Eaters

6 simple food play ideas for your picky eater. Bring out food during an activity time, not an eating time. 👉🏻Lower your expectations....

Meal Plan like a Dietitian

I get asked to create meal plans for clients and families all the time. Although I can do this easily, trust me...most people won't...

Coconut Buns in Honduras

I've been thinking a lot about food stories lately. Stories about favourite meals. Stories about the foods made by Grandmas. Stories...

Snack Hacks

Everyone loves snacks! These are great opportunities to fill in little tummies until the next eating opportunity. I sometimes feel like...

Pediatric Nutrition Lesson 1

The Feeding Relationship - This is one of those things you wished they put in the “Kid Manual” that you get when you leave the hospital...

Gretzky vs. Picky Eating

What does Wayne Gretzky, greatest hockey player ever, have to do with picky eating? I actually have no idea if Wayne was a picky eater...

Supper - break it down

You’ve spent time making one of your favorite meals. Something you used to eat before the kids were born. After all that time cooking it,...

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