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6 Easy Food Play Ideas for Picky Eaters

6 simple food play ideas for your picky eater. Bring out food during an activity time, not an eating time.

👉🏻Lower your expectations.

Do not expect tastes. Do expect some uncertainty as your child learns to navigate new foods in play environment instead of an eating environment.

👉🏻Trust is KEY

If all of sudden you want bites, and you said it was gonna be fun, then I don’t want to play anymore😒. Be willing to get silly and messy. Use your imagination. Make funny sounds, funny faces, funny voices, laugh!

👉🏻Create a little Wonder:

Ask: “I wonder what would happen if we …. smoosh this, dunk this, dip it, break it, blow on it, roll it, peel it, float it, wrap it in a napkin, hide it under here for later”

Try some food play at home with your hesitant eater. Is it hard for you not to ask for a taste?




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