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Apples 5 Ways

Apples served 5 ways. 🍎 Paper thin, thick, with peanut butter, apple sauce with an apple spoon & apple stars. 🍎 This is not about ‘getting’ your kiddo to try apples. But this is actually for the apple lover in your life. I talk to a lot of parents and apples seem to be a favourite for many kids. A step towards trying brand new foods is trying preferred foods in new and fun ways. Serving apples in different ways creates early success in trying new things! As a parent you can be confident that you are able to serve up variety, even if apple is the only fruit your mini likes. There’s got to be more creative ways to serve apples. Is there a 6th way that your kiddo likes apples? 🍎 A couple other tricks here too.😉 The cute little giraffe🦒 adds a change - without changing the apple. The tongs can help a child who is not ready to touch - use a tool. Did you notice the green star? That’s a pear - it’s green, crispy, sweet & crunchy just like apples. Using a hard apple as a spoon can be a step towards moving a purée eater closer trying solids in the future. 🍎😳 Hard, raw apples are a common choking hazard. Always supervise young children eating apples. Peeled, soft cooked, grated, apple sauce, or paper thin slices are a good place to start. 😍

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