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It's Hard to be Neat, When You're Learning to Eat

Gaa the mess!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s in their hair, on their shirt, on the floor, smeared across the high chair tray!!!

All you need is 2 things: a camera, and a dog!

Seriously when you will look back at pictures of this time (after the mess is cleaned up) you’ll think it’s so cute and funny. The dog…well, he’s all over this stage of eating. Yum!

Kids learn though play. When you hear yourself saying but ”they are just playing with it!” You’ve achieved the first step on the way to eating. Looking, touching, smelling, small tasting samples is where it all begins.

Try to resist your urge to wipe until the end (unless it’s gonna to get in their eyes 🥽). That icky washcloth can take all the fun away (and it smells bad too).

I’d really love if we could rejoice in this time of messy faces, hands, hair and kitchens. I know you’ve got a picture of your little one in the archives all hella mess with food. Share it on your IG stories and tag me @nutritionstarts (let me know if I can share it on my stories too).


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