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Check Your Health Benefits

Many benefit plans will cover services provided by Registered Dietitians

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Step One

Call your health insurance provider and determine if services by a Registered Dietitian are covered. Ask about a yearly allowance or what percent of the visit will be covered. You can also ask if any flexible spending plans will help cover the cost.

Step Two

After your appointment you will be provided with a receipt including my Registered Dietitian number. Submit this to your health insurance plan, or flexible health benefits for a reimbursement.

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Nutrition Counselling Services

All services begin with a thorough assessment and detailed nutrition, growth and health history. After the initial assessment, services can be personalized to suit you, your child's or your family's needs. Sessions start with parents only and then move to including your child.

Price List - Family Nutrition Counselling

Change doesn't happen overnight. Don't be overwhelmed with making too many changes at once. Integrate each new step then check in & feel supported along the way. Let's make nutrition work for your unique family in easy, manageable steps. Schedule a package today and receive all the benefits of staying accountable to long term goals.

BONUS: Pre-paid packages include:

-personalized after Visit Summary that you can access in the client portal

-resources that will help you to master changes

-access to Instant Messaging with Christie, your personal Dietitian

Nutrition Assessment


Time is spent getting to know you and your family. We can discuss what meal times are like in your house, what your family usually eats, and your biggest concerns about feeding your child. We will talk about your child's growth, physical activity, health, nutrition and eating history. 


You will finish the assessment with a few starter goals and an ongoing roadmap for improving feeding challenges & nutrition. Most importantly, you will have a renewed sense of purpose for feeding your family.

Follow Up 


We will continue to create a supportive eating environment at home. We can help your child to discover their natural cues for eating and satisfaction. We can take steps towards improving the nutrition in your child's and family’s diet. You can introduce me to your child and we can begin a sensory discovery towards the steps to eating and accepting a variety of food. You’ll finally discover how to make one meal for your family, enjoy sitting down, eating food and having peaceful meal times again.

Pre-Paid Packages


Bite Package 

4 Sessions $685

Snack Package 

6 Sessions $985

Full Meal Package

12 Sessions $1900


All packages include an initial nutrition and health assessment. The remaining follow up sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. This can include Foodie Lessons, refining meal plans and schedules, trouble shooting nutrition problems, or setting "what to say" scripts. These will leaving you feeling confident in feeding your family & with clear ideas about what to put on the table. 

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Virtual Consultations

Why rush to appointments when you can open up your computer and settle in at home?

It is my experience that parents and kids are much more relaxed in their home environment. More energy can be put into nutrition changes, when there is no need to haul your kids to an appointment, rush to be on time and find decent parking. The common foods your family eats, nutrition labels & supplements are on hand so any questions can be answered during the appointment. 

Children even love video chats. They are comfortable at home with familiar surroundings. Picky eaters begin to learn that it's up to them to experience food in their own way. Lots of fun, play and discussion can take place with food exploration during online nutrition coaching. 

And don't worry - I love messy hair, sweat pants or PJs and even dogs barking and babies crying!

intuitive eating dietitian

Intuitive Eating & Chronic Disease Management

You're an adult who's looking for nutrition information to manage a chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease. But at the same time you are not interested in a restrictive diet to meet your goals. Reach out to my Registered Dietitian friends, Katie and Jen, at The Nutrition Room. They would be so happy to help you stop dieting and start living.

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