Nutrition Counselling Services

All services begin with a thorough assessment and detailed nutrition, growth and health history. After the initial assessment, services can be personalized to suit you, your child's or your family's needs. Here are a few examples of what we can accomplish.

picky eating strategies

From Picky to Positive

Having a picky eater in the family can be tough. It changes everything about the way you thought you'd parent. You've tried everything and your picky eater still won't budge off their favourites. We can begin by addressing your worries such as: growth, refusing to eat, excluding entire food groups or meal time battles over food. We will determine what your family likes to eat, what your picky eater can eat, and begin some steps towards exploring new foods.

nutrient deficiency childhood growth problems

Pediatric Nutrition Check Up

You'd like to know if your child is getting all the nutrients they need. You are worried about nutrient deficiencies in your child's diet like iron, calcium or fibre. You want to start learning how to improve their nutrition, especially for picky eaters. Maybe you need a few nutrition questions answered related to food allergies or growth. We can put our heads together to solve problems and create some time saving strategies to make your life easier.

Food Lesson trying new foods

Fun Foodie Lessons

Like any complex skill learning to eat & tolerate new foods can take a little practice.  Your child needs to take small steps to consider new foods in a positive and playful way. The ultimate goal is to teach parents how to do Fun Foodie Lessons at home on their own.

Home Desk

Meal Plans

Cookie cutter meal plans never work, especially when you've got a family to feed. We will work together to consider everyone's food preferences, any unique dietary needs and and your cooking skill. From there, we plan meals together. A meal plan can help you step away from making special meals for your kids, especially when they are picky. We can also set up a step by step food exposure plan.

Nutritionist consult counselling virtual or online

Custom Nutrition Consults

Support is an essential part of making changes in your nutrition choices. From food allergies to weight changes to concerning blood work; having an educated nutrition professional in your corner is helpful. You are confused about where to start and all your googling has you searching for the right answer for YOU.

virutal online nutrition counselling

Virtual Online Nutrition Counselling

There's no need to rush to nutrition consult appointments anymore. We can meet virtually, from the comfort of your home where you can even look at food labels or supplements you use currently. Even children, will feel more comfortable with a nutrition appointment in their own home. Kids love knowing there will be no pressure to interact with food until they are ready to do it on their own.

Request a Free 20 Minute Nutrition Consult 

As Registered Dietitian / Nutritionists, we are here for you. Let's talk and decide if our individualized nutrition services are a good fit for you and your family. You are ready to feel confident with feeding yourself and your children so you can enjoy happy mealtimes and more food variety. 

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Price List

Family Nutrition Counselling

Change doesn't happen overnight. Don't be overwhelmed with making too many changes at once. Slowly integrate each step and check in along the way. Let's make nutrition work for your unique family in easy, manageable steps. Schedule a package today, and receive all the benefits of staying accountable to long term goals.



Time is spent getting to know you and your family. We can discuss what meal times are like in your house, what your family usually eats, and your biggest worries about your child. We will talk about your child's growth, health, nutrition and eating history.  You’ll get off the phone with a roadmap for your feeding challenges, and a renewed sense of purpose for feeding your family.

Follow Up 


We will continue to create a supportive eating environment at home. We can help your child to discover their natural cues for eating and satisfaction. We can take steps towards improving the nutrition in your child's and family’s diet. You can introduce me to your child and we can begin a sensory discovery towards the steps to eating and accepting a variety of food. You’ll finally discover how to make one meal for your family, and enjoy sitting down, sharing food and having peaceful meal times again.

Pre-Paid Packages


10% savings Bite Package =

4 Sessions $576

20% Savings Snack Package =

6 Sessions $768

25% Savings Full Meal Package =

12 Sessions $1440

All packages include assessment (if needed). The remaining follow up sessions will be tailored to your family's specific needs. This can include Foodie Lessons, refining meal plans and schedules, trouble shooting feeding problems, or setting "what to say" scripts. These will leaving you feeling confident feeding your family. 


Check Your Health Benefits

Many benefit plans will cover services provided by Registered Dietitians

talking on phones

Step One

Call your health insurance provider and determine if services by a Registered Dietitian are covered. Ask about a yearly allowance or what percent of the visit will be covered. You can also ask if any flexible spending plans will cover the cost.

Legal Research and Writing

Step Two

After your appointment you will be provided with a receipt including my Registered Dietitian number. Submit this to your health insurance plan, or flexible health benefits for a reimbursement.