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Christie Peregrym - Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist

We help parents to feel confident with feeding themselves and their children so they can enjoy happy meal times together. We help parents learn how to teach their child how to try new foods with pressure or stress. 

Registered Dietitians love family dinners and want the same for you. If you have a child who is picky eater in your family, meal times can be more of a struggle than a joy! We work with families every day so meals go more smoothly. You will go from feeling frustrated about feeding a picky eater to feeling confident in feeding your entire family. With the use of simple, time effective strategies meals will become more peaceful, enjoyable and nutritious.

Parents can struggle with their own eating habits and have questions about nutrition for themselves. Taking time to sort out your own food relationship first, then passing it on to your family is a great place to start. Getting your nutrition questions answered and learning how nutrition can impact your health, lays a solid foundation for feeding yourself and your family together. 

You are overwhelmed with where to begin because you have limited time or energy, and you are tired of being judged about how challenging it is to find something everyone in your family will eat. You are in the right place because Nutrition Starts Here. 


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