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But First, Let me take a #SELFIE

That time you overheard your kid trying to explain to their friends what you do for work. Usually conjures up a bit of a laugh. I’m pretty sure my kid knows what I do for work, I've heard him proudly explain before. “My mom’s a dietitian.” What’s surprising is how the other kids groan and exclaim “So do you ever get to eat junk food? Cookies? McDonalds?” Sad but true. I've never really stuck around for his response, but I'm confident he is served all foods and has an opportunity to enjoy any foods that come his way. Including cookies AND vegetables!

Regardless though, what do I do? Am I a diet cop yielding a banana at every snack and whole grains to boot? Do I look in grocery carts and snicker at the foods I see people buying? Do I know exactly what to eat at every corner, meal plan for my family and never have any nutrition faux pas? Not even close!

Hard to imagine me saying this but I’ve been a dietitian since the turn of the century ...or wait was that the millennia? OMG...I’m old. 20 years in and I can't imagine another career. It fits well with my life and I eat at least 3 times per day. Enjoying cooking and eating food, mostly made at home, is really important to me. I’d say after my work day or the school day, it’s the next thing on my mind WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Ugggh, every damn day. That’s the worst question. But that’s basically what I do, help you to get dinner on your plate. I know, you know, that’s not easy. Whether it’s time, illness, a picky toddler, a ravenous teen, a husband with different preferences, it’s a chore to get dinner on the table. So many steps, so many considerations...who wouldn’t need a hand?

An enjoyable meal where everyone comes together for family time, telling stories about their day, talking with their mouth full, THIS is my motivation. I want you to have joyous meals so that when you ask in a moment of dinner time connection,

“What are you grateful for today or what sparked you joy, tell me the highlight of your day???” someone will answer...

“This, right now, supper time with my family, is the best part.”

Family Dinner Christmas circa 2018

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